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What Is Quality Families?

Quality Families is a leading therapy organization that services families at every level. Specializing at direct in-home interventions, QF seeks to improve the entire family dynamic, even if we are only treating one family member. A happy and cohesive family unit can go a long way even in our individual struggles. We service all ages, stages, and diagnosis, seeking to provide relief from whatever may have brought you to our site. 


Who Is Quality Families

At Quality Families our team consists of carefully selected, highly skilled therapists and behavioral assistants. Because of our insistence of utmost quality, we hand-select therapists who have a keen understanding of people and who strive for ongoing personal and professional growth. 


Our therapists undergo regular training and professional development to ensure the highest, most professional level of care.


Because we understand the importance of the therapist to client fit, each client undergoes a careful assignment process to match him/her with the most appropriate therapist

When & How Quality Families

At Quality Families, we offer free, in-home therapy for children and teenagers struggling with serious behavioral or emotional challenges under Perform Care's crisis intervention program.  This program provides each child with a care manager who coordinates services and provides continued follow-up for quality assurance.

Our therapists work together with families to help meet the needs of the child and improve the entire family system, making for a "quality family."

"Transcend" by Quality Families offers outpatient psychotherapy to adults and children for those who are seeking to invest in quality therapy or have out of network insurance reimbursement benefits.  

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